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My favorite time of year

Hello! I've not disappeared, just taking a little break. I can't figure out how to download pics to my old workhorse computer here yet and my laptops are done for. So... no pics again today :( I had to write a little something about how much I love this time of year, though! I was lucky enough to get an extra day off of work today - a treat indeed! Mike and I went for a motorcycle ride and it was gorgeous! It's around 81 and sunny. Some of the leaves are starting to turn colors and there is very little wind. All in all a perfect day for touring. I love riding my motorcycle at anytime, but on a day like today... magnificent!! I hope you've all made it through the goofy weather around the states and are able to enjoy fall in all its glory!

Sometimes technology can be a bad, bad thing!

Okay, so not really. I'm just really bummed right now. Both of my laptops have CRASHED!!!! Not just one of them, oh no, not so easy for me... Nope, both of them! You see, we have two because the girls kept fighting over them and with me and my oldest trying to research for papers, etc, it seemed like the thing to do. So, in order to afford it, we skipped that little extra warranty thing. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Not so much!!! Luckily we still had our old dinosaur laying around, so... I'm here, but until I find the cord for my camera and see if it's even possible to download pics to this old bear, I won't be able to post pics. Or.... add anything to Etsy. I'm going to go crazy!!! I'm hoping to be able to fix one of the laptops (hopefully the one with all of our family pics on it :( So, please bear with me until I can figure out how to put some dang pictures on here, so I don't bore you all to death with writing... writing... writing!


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