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I am a Fair Weather Friend!

It's true! I am a fair weather friend. I have not ran (run?) since... well... since... I don't remember! I have a very hard time running outside in the winter. My asthma is triggered by the cold air. Excuse? Maybe. And yes, I do have a treadmill. For some reason, I can not force myself down to the basement to run on it. I. Just. Can. Not. Do. It.
Truth be told, I have S.A.D., seasonal affective disorder. And boy do I have it bad!!! I seriously wish I could hibernate for the winter. Just skip it all together. I get angry and mean, depressed and withdrawn, lazy and crazy! I've tried many things. I have not tried medication, but I may next year. (It's that bad). BUT, I can feel myself slowly emerging. I'm staging a comeback!
To ease myself back into running, I have joined Fleet Feet's "No Boundaries" program. I think the coaching and the camaraderie will help. I hope to become a runner. Again.
I don't remember where I saw this, but I love it. And I lov…