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Merry Christmas!!

Best I could do :) After I took the picture, I cleaned the mirror :) and lowered it! I was on my tip toes to take this pic!

We are all settled in and hunkered down. There is a winter storm headed our way, so we are hoping everyone is able to make it to were they need to go safely. Luckily, our families live within about 5 miles of us. The only exception is my brother who assures me all will be well!

Every year I give my daughters each an ornament. Here is this year's: It's hard to read, I was unable to get a clear pic, but it says "First Born" (Mom's Favorite)! I gave them each their ornament separately and they thought it was pretty awesome... that is until they saw their sisters' :) The other two received Middle Child (Mom's favorite) and Youngest Child (Mom's favorite)!! Ha ha ha :) A little Christmas joke on them! I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years! Peace. Trish

11 Days

Yes, that's right folks! 11 shopping days left until Christmas and yours truly is NOT anywhere near finished! I started off on fire, thinking I'd be done, no problem. I've somehow hit a snag though and lost the momentum. Instead of shopping today, I'll be doing this:

Riding the bleachers for the third day!! Friday night, my oldest daughter had a game, my other two daughters both had games yesterday and they each have a game today. I love basketball, but I do not love bleachers! My back is beginning to protest, and I need to shop... Christmas is in 12 DAYS!!!

Whew, I am done whining :) How about some positive stuff like:

Mike noticed this a couple of weeks ago (at yet another basketball tourney ;)! The building are on different sides of the street, but if you stand directly across from the wedding chapel, this is what you see! Hilarious! For those of you in the know, yes, this is in Wisconsin Dells. And yes, you are right, leave it to a man to notice! In case you are won…


My oh my, has it really been that long since I posted?? Yikes!! Huh. Time flies! So much has happened and continuing to happen that I could never post it all. Suffice it to say life is good, busy and full. And stressful! Oh so stressful! Anyhoo, rather than try to recap over two months of my life, I'm just going to start with the now!
Today was my last day as an hourly employee. I'd love to say I've retired or am going to be staying home, but nope! I have been promoted to nurse manager. Yikes!! I mean Yippee!! It means more hours and more responsibility. I'm excited and ready for the challenge, yet worried about the extra time away from home. I have not worked full time in oh, about 15 years! This is a very positive thing for our family, but it is not without some stressors of its own. I'll miss taking my kids to school and picking them up a couple of times a week, but I'll love knowing that I will never have to stay late on call or work nights or weekends!