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It was my Birthday. I didn't cry :)

My birthday was on Monday. I'm 39. years. old. And I'm actually ok with that! I really thought 39 would be tough. I've had a rough couple of weeks, so I was prepared to be sad or angry or something. I wasn't! I had a very nice day. I had the day off of work. I had to get my drivers license renewed, so I tackled that first thing. Then I came home and read a book - cover to cover. I went outside where the sun was actually out (it's been raining a lot here) and did a little yard work. Monday was probably the nicest day since the day in the post below!! Score!

I've been struggling with running again. My allergies have been horrible, because even though the temps haven't been very spring like, the trees, grass, etc are blooming. And lucky me, in addition to itchy eyes, my asthma acts up! I keep trying though. All you can do.
I've also been struggling (again) with wishing for more, rather than loving what I have. I am very blessed and I know this. Sometimes, I …

If it's 81 degrees out, we must be in... Wisconsin?

Yeppers. 81 degrees~ Can you say severe weather? Spring time in Wisconsin is made up of rain, cold, hot, hail, snow, flowers, you name it! Today was amazing, if a bit humid. We went out for breakfast with my family for my Dad's birthday and then mini golfing! It was warm and the girlies got a little cranky. We are used to 40 and 50 degrees right now, people! I sat outside when we got home with a beer and a book. HEAVEN!! After the big old breakfast and a few chocolate chip cookies, I was feeling a little sloth like :) So, I decided to go for a run! Whoa. If you've been reading for a while, you know that the temps lately have been down right chilly! Turns out humidity and heat are not my friend anymore than cold!! Ugh. It was a tough one today. I'm giving myself a break though. Did I mention it was 81?? After my run, Mike and I rode bikes for a while. He tried to teach me to do wheelies :) I'm getting better, but it's harder than it looks! In lieu of any cool pics (…

Beat But Not Beaten

I am Beat. But, I. AM. NOT. BEATEN!! Tonight's run was tough! It was super windy and chilly (note the crazy fly away hair). My legs felt like lead. I wanted to quit and go home. I didn't!

"It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop." Confucius

I didn't stop. I didn't let "it" beat me. I feel awesome! Every week my runs are tough. Every week I make it through. I know next week will be just as hard... It is not getting easier. HOWEVER, my runs are getting longer time wise, and a eensy weensy bit longer distance wise every week! So every week it will be hard. That my friends is ok with me! That is progress!! When it gets easy, I'll throw a big ol bloggy party!! (I'm talking easy every time I lace up my shoes ;)

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Spring in Wisconsin = Hail! I was woken up twice by the hail hitting the roof and the windows last night. Most of the pieces were marble size, but as you can see from the picture above, some…