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"The Number on the Scale Does Not Define You"

No Weigh In April
I have decided to participate in No Weigh in April.  I'm going to try really hard not to weigh myself.  Currently, I weigh myself everyday come hell or high water.  That number can definitely have an impact on my day.  I know that I am not defined by my weight, but when you work out hard and eat clean and do not see those numbers getting smaller, it can be defeating.

Way back in January, I read this post on my hero's website.  Swim Bike Mom, aka Meredith, had me in tears.  Literally.  I've been a slave to the scale my entire life, and it hasn't made much of a difference in my weight, but it has "weighed me down".  I asked Swim Bike Mom then if I could repost her post on my blog and awesome human being that she is, she said "Yes!".  Instead of reposting and getting on with my workouts, etc, I promptly hit rock bottom and began sitting on the couch eating whatever I felt like and not exercising one bit.  So, needless to say, the post…

Complete Awesomeness!

Days like today make me soooo grateful to live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.  Most days, I'm quite jealous of those of you who live in Colorado, California, Florida, Arizona... You get the picture. But today... Oh today was glorious!  It was a bit cool when I walked into work, but not cold.  It rained while I was at work. Ho hum... When I stepped out the door, the SUN was shining!! It was beautiful out! 

For a change, I had packed my running clothes and put them on right after work, so I'd be ready to go.  I had some errands to run, and then I went to my favorite trail.  As you may or may not know I'd rather run on a trail than anywhere!  Love, love, love trail running. 

Today, I fell a little more in love.  I decided to take a different route than normal.  Holy Moly! It was so awesome!  More technical for sure, but so much prettier!  I ran down a trail covered in slippery leaves, being careful not to wipe out.  The entire time down, I was thinking "Crap, at …

Where is that damn wagon?

I have been eating clean for the last few weeks.  Today, all of this was derailed by:

Do not start eating these. They are soooooo awesome.  I can't even tell you.  I've done very well not eating chocolate or other sweets.  Enter PMS.  It was either eat half a bag of these little babies or my right arm.  Eh. Just a little bump in the road. 
On a different note, my running is progressing nicely.  My lungs aren't screaming at me today, so that is a huge bonus ;)  It was 76 some degrees here today!! So I hit the trail for my second trail run of the year.  Loved it!  For some reason, trail running seems easier to me than the treadmill or the road.  I've got to get my butt on my bike.  The mind is willing, but my butt is scared!  Lap swimming will commence as soon as I get brave enough to join a gym, or when the local pool opens, and they have lap lanes as promised, or when the lakes are above freezing, or when hell freezes over.   Soon.
All righty then, enough of my rambling…

Six days and counting!!

Remember this?  Well, Diet Dew and I have broken up.  I'm sooo over it!! I haven't had a sip of soda in 6 days!! Woot Woot!  I've also given up chocolate.  I know.  Crazy!  I'm trying to avoid all sweets, but I have had a few pieces of salt water taffy.  I'm hoping that some day I'll be able to eat chocolate without it becoming a binge.  It's been easier than I thought, but watching the Cupcake Wars was slightly painful ;)

After my great outdoor run a few days ago, my last two have been very disappointing.  They've been difficult.  I can't seem to get my breathing controlled.  My asthma is flaring up for some reason.  It's weird, but the treadmill seems worse than running outside.  On the bright side, I've powered through.  Determination and hard work will help me get to where I want to be!

Happy Weekend!!