Saturday, March 3, 2012

Six days and counting!!

Remember this?  Well, Diet Dew and I have broken up.  I'm sooo over it!! I haven't had a sip of soda in 6 days!! Woot Woot!  I've also given up chocolate.  I know.  Crazy!  I'm trying to avoid all sweets, but I have had a few pieces of salt water taffy.  I'm hoping that some day I'll be able to eat chocolate without it becoming a binge.  It's been easier than I thought, but watching the Cupcake Wars was slightly painful ;)

After my great outdoor run a few days ago, my last two have been very disappointing.  They've been difficult.  I can't seem to get my breathing controlled.  My asthma is flaring up for some reason.  It's weird, but the treadmill seems worse than running outside.  On the bright side, I've powered through.  Determination and hard work will help me get to where I want to be!

Happy Weekend!!

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