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What the???

How awesome is he to stand in the rain wait for me to finish? My guy rocks! <3
So, Ive been absent from this little blog for quite a while.  I'm still here!  I completed the Warrior Dash in September and kind of fell off the wagon for a bit!  BUT I've never given up and never lost the desire to be as fit as I can be and still live a normal life, working full time, with three active daughters.  Don't worry, I've been bloggy stalking you all! ;)

Something happened today that really ticked me off.  My BFF and I were talking about how much I struggle to lose weight and how depressing it can be and how frustrated I am.  I was talking about how I wanted to be fit and be able to do more and be more.  She said that I put too much stock in my weight and I needed to get over it, to look at what I accomplished this year. True. I agree. So then, I said, but I have a super secret goal.  Someday, I want to be an Ironman. I want it so bad, so bad I can taste it.  So bad I cry ever…