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Dirty Girl Mud Run ~ Wisconsin ~ Race Report!!

This is a little delayed, but hey, I'm a busy person ;)  The Dirty Girl Mud Run was awesome!!  It was not a timed event, which was pretty cool since I'm all about just finishing right now.  I had tons of fun and got plenty muddy since it rained from the time I checked in, until literally, when I crossed the finish line!  The course was pretty cool and the obstacles were definitely doable.  If you've been wondering if you could handle a mud run, the Dirty Girl is the way to go!

I loved it so much in fact, that I came home and signed up for the Upper Midwest Warrior Dash!  It seems like it might be more of a challenge and it is timed, so I'm pretty pumped!  Plus, I get a fuzzy helmet with horns!!

There was a party atmosphere at the Dirty Girl!  This is me at the finish line with my complimentary Cosmo!!

In other random news, I'm doing a sugar free challenge with Haley from ClimbRunLiftMom.  It's a 10 day challenge.  I've already blown day one, because I forgo…