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Ahhh... Relaxing...

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I'm finally recovered from my post-Christmas slump! What a busy wonderful time! The last week has been purely about enjoying each other and taking stock of our blessings. I've been researching a couple of projects for the new year, playing with my new sewing machine and new camera and enjoying having extra time with my family. The pics here are just a little glimpse for you into the past week of our life! I'll be back soon with info about my new projects!! Have a wonderful, happy, healthy and SAFE New Year!!!


Ok.... so no pics. Blogger seems to be having issues. I'll be back to post the pics later!

And the winner is...

Lori from Morning Glories and Moonflowers won my first giveaway!! Lori, "Cotton Candy" will be on her way to you!! I hope you love your new ring!! Congrats! And thanks to everyone who entered. :)

!!My Giveaway!!

All right! It's finally time for me to host my own giveaway! I love to win things and rarely do, so with all of my new found luck, I thought I'd pass it on! I will be giving away one ring or pin from my Etsy shop. Leave me a comment with your favorite three rings or pins from my shop. (I say three in case one or more sell. I will try to send your fav though!)

I will also send the winner one of these (or very similar to these)

You will receive one entry for each comment. If you blog about my giveaway and leave a comment telling me you did so, you will receive five more. If you leave another comment telling me what you think of my idea to have a children's Valentine's Day swap, you will receive one more entry. Please make sure to link to your blog/email, so that I am able to contact you if you win!

I will draw a name randomly at 10 AM central time on Tuesday, December 16, 2008. Entries will close at 9 AM central time on Tuesday, December 16, 2008. The winner will have 24 h…

My other giveaway win!!

As promised here is a pic of the other giveaway I won!

I borrowed this picture from Anya's blog, because my kids had "spoken" for everything except the pattern before I could take a picture of it! :)

Thanks for the great giveaway Anya! I love everything. I had big plans to use the bag for shopping, but my youngest daughter claimed it as hers. She carries her snow pants to and from school in it! :) The fabric has temporarily taken up residence in their doll house and the ornaments are on our tree!

Bloggers are awesome!!

I really am a WINNER!!!

Gosh, my mom always said I was :) Hehe!! Sorry, it's just I am soooo giddy over winning these awesome giveaways!

First, I won this:
(Yes, it is a coffee cozy on my glass of water, but hey, whatever works!! I had to try it out right away :)

Please visit Kati's blog at and buy yourself one.

As if that wasn't cool enough, I also won these:

I won these prints from Pam. She is a very cool lady and has wonderful artwork here: And check out her blog here:

Thank you both so much. I am in awe of your generousity!

I've also won another giveaway, which I will post about as soon as it arrives.

With all of my luck lately, I've been thinking I should host a giveaway of my own. I'll do so within the next couple of days, so check back!!


The pictures speak for themselves!

Wonderful Christmas Giveaway!!!!

Go to this blog immediately!! She is giving away this awesome pic!

Wait, on second thought... STOP!! Don't go there. I want to win!! :0)