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Day 3

Day three of my running plan is in the books!! Go me.  I really have missed running! Weird, right?  ;)  Trail running is definitely my cup of tea.  I am kicking myself that I won't be running in the North Face Endurance Challenge! Next year.

So, I am in the market for a good, stabilization, running shoe.  Any suggestions?  I feel like I need a little more sole than my current shoes.

I'm also in the market for a new diet... I need something that I can live with for life.  I've tried most diets, so maybe what I'm looking for is a new way of eating.  One of my friends swears by Paleo, but I'm not convinced I could do it for life.

If only...

:) Trish

Oh yeah, GOPACKGO!!!

Back at it!!

I have not run since June, when I did the LoziLu Mud Run.  Whoa.  I could give the laundry list of whys, but let's just say that running has NOT been a priority.  That's the bottom line really.  It has to be a priority.  It has to been planned, scheduled and treated with the respect it deserves.  Respect the Run.  Respect your ability to run. Plan it.  Do it.  And no matter how many times it takes, you Begin Again.  I am going to follow the 5K training plan that I used to train for the LoziLu Mud Run.  It is a 12 week plan that includes strength exercises and was developed for LoziLu by Orange Shoe Fitness.

I have also been doing yoga pretty religiously and I plan to continue with that.  Yoga gives me such a since of peace and it is super secret strength training ;)  You don't even know you're building strength!  I can plank with the best of them now and it's all due to yoga!! Unfortunately, I haven't dropped a pound.  Not a single pound :( Eh. I feel better t…