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Chilled and Thrilled

32 degrees Fahrenheit.  Typically I do not run outside unless it is 38 or warmer.  Not sure why other than I can't seem to breathe when it is much colder. Today I screwed around when I got home instead of running right away, so by the time I got out it was dark and cold.
I had planned to run on the treadmill, but I just couldn't face it. Sometimes I think my run is harder than it really is because I am bored...  So outside I went.  It was AWESOME!  I did think about calling Mike to come pick me up at one point because I was freezing (note to self, wear warmer clothes ;), but I told myself that if I kept running I would warm up.  That was three hours ago and I think I'm finally thawing out.  But coldness aside, I had a great run! I think I am finally recovered from pneumonia! Woot Woot!
I'm so happy that I decided to run outside.  So happy I decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone. 

Pushing your limits is good.  Running is good. Life is good.

My New Best Friend

Mr. Mucus and I are intimately acquainted.  He's a tough guy.  I have been out of commission for what feels like FOREVER!  It started innocently enough, with the Flu.  Which progressed to something like bronchitis which has now settled in as pneumonia.  Grrrr...

I am recovering, but slowly.  I would love to bound off of the couch and get out and enjoy the 40ish days Wisconsin has been throwing at us.  However, walking to the mailbox is enough of a workout.  So instead I am bloggy stalking you all and lusting over which races to sign up for.  Only one so far has made it to the check out stage:  Lozilu's Women's Mud Run.  I am totally addicted to mud runs.  Love em.  I am also contemplating signing up for my first tri:  Door County Triathlon.  Ah, so easy to dream, swim, bike and run from the couch ;)

Be Well!