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Cupcake Classic Virtual 5K

The fabulous Jess of Run With Jess, hosted a virtual 5k this past week.  Today is the last day, so hurry and get that run in!!  After your run, treat yourself to a cupcake!!  I'd love to say that I got my run in, but... I walked it.  No worries!  Jess is an equal opportunity virtual run/walk/crawl host!!

If you've read my last post, you'll know I was just getting back into the running groove after a summer hiatus.  Well, that ended five weeks ago when I injured my back.  I've been out of commission and am just now slooowly working back into being active.  So, my 5K was a walk, not a run, but it was glorious!!  I decided to take my favorite trail and enjoy the beautiful day that Southern Wisconsin was dishing up yesterday.

The trail is open at parts, and covered with leaves and down tree branches in others.  My favorite part however is:

 The downhill that leads to the creek!!  So pretty.  A little slick due to the leaves, but not as bad as I was afraid it was going to …