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Become a Bia Sport Watch Backer

Recently,  I learned about a new sports watch for women (settle down boys, they make a model for dudes too ;).  This awesome watch is from Bia Sport.  It's pretty sweet, with lots of cool options not currently available from other watches.  However, I can't buy it.  :( You see, the watch isn't is not in production yet.  Bia is trying to raise the money to produce the watch via Kickstarter.  Check out the video here: and you'll see why I think it rocks!  I am super excited about this watch and I hope Bia can raise enough money!  I'm totally a backer and you could be one of the cool people too, with a new Bia watch on your wrist before your friends!!



Mezamashii Run Project

Mezamashii Run Project

Click on the link above and you will see that Mizuno Running is doing something amazing.  Rather than throwing money at an ad campaign, they are putting shoes on runners' feet.  Genius.  By giving away thousands of pairs of shoes to runners everywhere, Mizuno is igniting not only a spark related to their shoes, but perhaps reuniting runners with why they started running in the first place!

Simply go to and click on "Apply for an invite." A friend of mine just got in -- the contest just started so there aren't loads of people who have applied, so there's not much competition right now -- so do it quick and your chances are very good!

Good Luck!


LoziLu Mud Run ~ "Race" Report

Yesterday I "ran" the LoziLu Women's Mud Run.  I had lots of fun!  It was super hot, but there was a nice breeze, a creek trek, water slide and plenty of aid stations.  I have to say that the water slide was probably the best obstacle I have ever encountered at a mud run!
The reason I say "ran" is because I only ran about half a mile.  It was just too hot and humid and those conditions combined with my asthma made me feel like I was breathing through a straw!  However, I have no shame in saying I walked most of it.  I finished and completed every obstacle and that is what truly matters to me!
The course layout was such that Mike was able to see almost all of the obstacles.  He missed the creek trek, although I'm sure he would have taken great pleasure in seeing me waist high in creek water ;) (I'm not a fan of water I can't see the bottom of !)

LoziLu puts on a great Mud Run and a percentage of the proceeds are donated to support leukemia and lymphom…

Beginning Again!

One of my most recent mixed media pieces, above.  I love to create these pieces, sew, make collages, paint, some glass work and I'm trying to teach myself to knit and crochet.  I also do resistance training and... I'm RUNNING again!!!  All of the above has been on the back burner for the last couple of months.  What else have I been doing? Couldn't tell ya!  I've been busy with kids' activities, life in general, BUT, it's time to refocus on me.  I've been a little crabby lately too.  I think refocusing on me will help.  I will be happier, my kids will be happier, Mike will be happier, my home will be happier!!

Runners beware, there's a new old gal on the street (trail)!!  :)

I'm sooo happy to be back!