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Laundry and Leisure

I love to fold laundry fresh out the dryer.  I don't mind putting clothes in the washer.  I HATE putting clothes away. (if I were not too lazy to get up, I'd take a picture of the pile of clean clothes in my bedroom waiting to be put away :(

I am trying to live a more frugal, self sufficient lifestyle.  Not out of need (but I am always mindful that it could be... it could always be...).  No, not out of financial necessity, but out of the desire to buy less and save more.  After all, every penny I save now, will be one less I need to worry over later!

So... enter my homemade laundry soap!!


One cup of Borax, One cup of Washing Soda and 3/4 bar of Fels-Naptha soap.  I also used 1/2 cup of Oxiclean booster and a couple of drops of lavender essential oil.
First, I used a mini food processor to grate and then finely grind the bar soap.

The next step is as easy as measuring the other ingredients and mixing them all together!  I used a jar I had handy and had a little left wh…

Welcome 2012

I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions.  Mostly because I never, ever keep them.  This year I've decided to have goals.  And to help me out with this, I've joined a challenge over at Ben Does Life.  It's 12 weeks long and I'm a little scared.

The first week's challenge is this:

~ Write down five quantifiable goals for yourself. (This includes knowing where you're starting)
~ on Monday, do as many push ups as you can.
~ Beginners 120 minutes of exercise this week. Intermediate/Advanced add 30 minutes to your current weekly total.
~ Identify your biggest excuse and write it down.  Then write down ways to eliminate the excuse.
~ Each night before bed, write down four things you did well that day.

WHEW!! When I first read it, I thought "No big deal, I've got this".  Then I started thinking about it.  Five Quantifiable goals? Yikes!! Four things I did WELL?  Ah gee. 

I guess that's what makes it a challenge!!

Happy New Year!