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V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N!!!!!!!!!! And my niece's birthday :)

My niece Greta, turns 1 today. Well actually, she is a leap year baby, so technically :) Anyhoo, we are heading to my brother's house for her party. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

(This is a pic of Greta from Thanksgiving with me) I love this picture :) Btw, she was having a much better time than it looks ;)

And then... drum roll, please...

Woo Hoo!! Mike and I are finally going on vaca!! Just the two of us ;) We're off to Vegas, where it has to be warmer than the good 'ol midwest!!

So, peace out and have a great week!!!

Oh, and when we get back, I have lots of pics to post of my new studio, as well as fab vacation pics (I'm sure)!!

Ummm... The party is tomorrow?? :{

My daughter had a birthday part to go to last Saturday. Of course, she reminded me of this at about 8pm Friday night. Hmmm... Racked my brain for any forgotten gifts I might have stashed - nothin! So, I made this: And I L.O.V.E. it!! I must make more :) Check out my Etsy shop for new listings - new rings, some pins, etc. And someday soon, maybe, pillows??? ;)

Big Giveaway!!

Lauren from Lauren Alexander Art is having a fabulous giveaway!! Check out her blog here to enter and you'll love her Etsy shop here. She is one of my favorite artists. Her work is fun and fresh!!

OWOH goodies!!!

So, I was lucky enough to win three prizes in the OWOH extravaganza!! I've received two of them so far, so I thought I'd share :)

Tonya from Tonya's Sewing Room sent me this:

And it is awesome!! I love thread and the fabric is gorgeous!

And my new friend Angie from Angie's Art and Full Life sent me this gorgeousness:
My picture does not do this piece justice, but I had to show you that I hung it up right away!!! Check out Angie's Etsy shop for some more fabulousness!!

I'll post my last prize when it arrives!!
Best Wishes!!

Feeling "twitchy" today...

Somedays I can not seem to be still. Today is one of those days. Mike calls them my "twitchy" days. I am so ready for spring. I ache to be outside doing things... gardening, sunbathing, hiking, anything!

I tried to stem the tide. (Sometimes when I'm "twitchy" I get a little crazy) :) Today, I decided to focus some of this energy. This does not always work, by the way. Cleaning or doing chores does not seem to help. I need to do something - different.

So, I made pillows...

And a pin cushion...

Sort of worked... still... Does anyone else ever have days like this??

And the winners are... (drumroll please...)

Nancy from shinnybling, a ring of her choice from my shop,

Kim from Queen-of-Arts, a ring of her choice from my shop,

And the winner of my personal favorite, the destash, yet to be put together, but lucky for the winner I'm in a purging mood, is: Pandora's Artbox!!

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who visited and entered. This has been an amazing experience and I'm still working my way down the list and spending time on all of the very cool blogs! xoxo Trish

Recent Giveaway Wins and Vintage Valentine's Day Swap

Hi all I've been remiss in posting a couple of wonderful giveaways I've won recently as well as about the awesome swap package I received. So...

From the wonderful Anna Sophia over at Our Daily Chocolate, I won this totally cool pendant! My picture does not do this pendant justice. I love it! The neutral colors go with everything. Head on over to Anna Sophia's blog. She's having a 100th post giveaway!!
The other giveaway I won is this great purse via Vanessa's blog, It's from Deb at GirlygirlBags. See her Etsy site here. Let me just tell you, I was not having the best day and I received an email from Vanessa telling me I won!! Woo Hoo!! The bag is as delish as it looks!!

Last but not least (gosh I hate saying that, but it's true :), my amazing swap package from the fabulous Terisa at SabiiWabii. She looked into my soul and sent me a swap box that took my breath away. Terisa, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Please check out her Etsy shop for the coolest stu…

Holy Moly!!

Wow! It's been a while since my last post. I've been busy, although I can't really name specifics... Planning a vacation (Vegas here I come), midwinter dance (oldest daughter), chickens :) , basketball, work, etc, etc. I've also been riding the fantastic whirlwind gypsy caravan, One World, One Heart. If you haven't checked it out, click the button to the right. You'll be amazed!!

**A big shout out to my niece Haley who is celebrating 5 years of remission from Leukemia!!! We love you Haley!!**