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I am in giveaway heaven!!

I sound like a broken record. One of these days, I really will post about something other than a giveaway! However, I just entered yet another wonderful, amazing giveaway!!! Check out Sitting Pretty Studio's giveaway here! Just gorgeous work! I reallllly hope I win :)

Another Awesome Giveaway!!!

I am continually amazed by how generous everyone in "blogland" is. There are so many giveaways a any given time; I just can't believe it! But believe it - baby!! Kathy at Kat Collects is having an awesome first giveaway! You won't believe all of the vintage goodies! Get on over there and enter! :)

Amazing giveaway!!!

Elizabeth at Pigtails and Snails is having an amazing giveaway! She is giving away this quilt!!!

Isn't it awesome! I've recently begun teaching myself to quilt and no way can I see ever being this generous. Quilting is time consuming! And you put so much of yourself into your work. Amazing! Head over to win this quilt by clicking here or on the link on my sidebar! Good luck!

It's Homecoming!!

This week is homecoming here in our little community. I love the sense of togetherness this time brings with it. Although it puts each grade against each other (best float, best window painting, etc), it also seems to bring them closer.

My oldest daughter is a freshman in High School, so we are involved full swing! Tonight was the powder puff football game. Some of those girls are FIERCE!! I was duly impressed! Sami is the the third girl from the left in the pic on the right. She would totally kill me if she knew this picture was on here!! :)

It was a fun evening and even the two little ones got in the mood...

It's hard to see in this pic, but Katie (red shirt) decided to try the tough look. She rubbed dirt under her eyes to mimic the older girls! I didn't have the heart to tell her that her big ol' cutie patootie smile kinda takes away from the tough girl thing! :) Kenzie borrowed her big sister's bandanna and she knows she looks good!!

Chickens anyone?

Hellooo out there in blogland! I have an unusual (or not) question for you all.... Does anyone out there raise chickens? Now I'm not talking about a farm type operation... I'm talking about in town. We do live on about an acre, so we have some room. I'd like two or three chickens, I think. That seems like just enough eggs. I love fresh eggs, and would like the experience of raising my own egg layers. I've done some research, and I'm reading another book now, but I'm hoping someone out there can speak from personal experience. My questions are: 1. Are 2 or 3 chickens enough? 2. How close to my house should I build the coop? 3. I live in Wisconsin... How do I keep them warm? 4. Am I crazy????

This picture is of a breed of Bantam chickens, called Silkies. Their feathers do not have any barbs or quills and I think that would be perfect! I want this to be a family affair, and these little guys seem less likely to spook the girls.


Wooooo Hoooo! I am back in business!!! We have a new computer :)

I am soooo excited! We finally have a new laptop! Freedom and oh yes, the ability to post pics!!! This past weekend we took the girls to a farm stand. Not just any farm stand, but the farm stand extraordinaire! Horse drawn wagon rides, haunted houses, farm animals, bouncy house, produce, pumpkins, gourds, cider, and last but not least a CORN MAZE! If you've never experienced a corn maze... check one out! I get a little creaped out as I am a child of "The Children of the Corn" era, but it was tons of fun and the girls liked choosing our path! The two younger girls had sooo much fun! Sami was not home, so she missed out:( Katie fell in love with a pot belly pig! Mackenzie fell in love with a goat! Of course they both wanted to bring them home and are constantly hounding me about buying a pig and a goat now!!! Fun does not always come without a price!!!

Stay tuned in the next several days for new items in my Etsy shop!!!