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We've left some fish out there for you!!

Aka, the big one got away!! (actually the all got away) Sunday was a beautiful day!! Sami was camping with friends and Kenzie was playing with her friends, so Mike and I took Katie and her cousin Haley fishing. We had fun, but let me just say that after casting and casting and untangling line and casting and casting and not catching anything, we were a tad discouraged!! So needless to say, if you are in Wisconsin, this fish are safe from this family!! (Katie is in the plaid shorts and green shirt.)

So as not to make them jealous of their sister and cousin's fame, here are my other two beauties!! :) trish <>
To my blog readers, I give you each and everyone this award!!
YOU are the Queen!!

Today's the day ladies! Declare yourself Queen for the day!! You don't have to make an official decree. We all know this would be met with groans of dismay! Internalize it! In your mind and in your heart know that today and everyday you are the Queen and deserve to be treated well! Head on over to Cassandra's blog and read her inspiring ideas for how to feel like a queen here. As a bonus you can enter her giveaway. Go here for another giveaway from Cassandra! Now, I'm off to take a bubble bath!! :)

I'm Back!!!

Yikes! Have you ever taken a little blog vacation only to realize it has been MONTHS since you posted anything? There's been so much going on. Too much to go into this late on a Sunday night! Let me just say that there have been birthdays, planting, prom, crafting, living, working, hiking, reading, spending lots of time with family and outdoors... and much, much more!!

I've like to let you know about my Etsy shop. Everything in the shop is buy one get one (of equal or lesser value) FREE!! Stop in and check it out!! Shameless self promotion, I know, but hey - its my blog ;)

I hope everything has been going well for all of you and I'll be visiting again soon!