Monday, October 6, 2008

Chickens anyone?

Hellooo out there in blogland! I have an unusual (or not) question for you all.... Does anyone out there raise chickens? Now I'm not talking about a farm type operation... I'm talking about in town. We do live on about an acre, so we have some room. I'd like two or three chickens, I think. That seems like just enough eggs. I love fresh eggs, and would like the experience of raising my own egg layers. I've done some research, and I'm reading another book now, but I'm hoping someone out there can speak from personal experience. My questions are: 1. Are 2 or 3 chickens enough? 2. How close to my house should I build the coop? 3. I live in Wisconsin... How do I keep them warm? 4. Am I crazy????

This picture is of a breed of Bantam chickens, called Silkies. Their feathers do not have any barbs or quills and I think that would be perfect! I want this to be a family affair, and these little guys seem less likely to spook the girls.


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  1. Here's one site with lots of info I know a lot of ladies raising chickens and use this as one of their many resources. There are also several books on the subject and most libraries have them - everything from choosing chicks, to feedings and builds coops...can you tell that I've put some thought into this too? Good luck!