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I have lots of dreams.  They include everything from sheep to road bikes to my dog actually listening to me...

I also LOVE to take pictures.  I mean LOVE.  Sometimes I go weeks without taking a single picture. Weird right?  Why not do something I feel that passionately about, everyday?

Here are some of my most recent pictures:

I live in Wisconsin and feel blessed that there are so many beautiful things for me to take pictures of.  When you're obsessed with barns and farm animals like I am, they're but a country road away!

I'm going to slowly try to find myself again.  For the hundredth time.  I am sorry if that is all I write about here on this blog now, but hey - blogs are journals of a sort.  They just happen to be public ;) 



  1. Taking pictures is so much fun! I love finding those blogs that take and post one picture every day. It's a fun way to look back on a year.


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