Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where is that damn wagon?

I have been eating clean for the last few weeks.  Today, all of this was derailed by:

Do not start eating these. They are soooooo awesome.  I can't even tell you.  I've done very well not eating chocolate or other sweets.  Enter PMS.  It was either eat half a bag of these little babies or my right arm.  Eh. Just a little bump in the road. 

On a different note, my running is progressing nicely.  My lungs aren't screaming at me today, so that is a huge bonus ;)  It was 76 some degrees here today!! So I hit the trail for my second trail run of the year.  Loved it!  For some reason, trail running seems easier to me than the treadmill or the road.  I've got to get my butt on my bike.  The mind is willing, but my butt is scared!  Lap swimming will commence as soon as I get brave enough to join a gym, or when the local pool opens, and they have lap lanes as promised, or when the lakes are above freezing, or when hell freezes over.   Soon.

All righty then, enough of my rambling. 


  1. I have a bag of Hesse on my counter right NOW! I am planning on taking the, to work, that way I can enjoy a few, and others can enjoy too! Everything in moderation!

  2. Then don't try the dark chocolate acai blueberries. I have hidden them from myself up on the top shelf in the cupboard behind the aprons. least it makes them harder to get to since I need to grab the stool from the other side of the kitchen, climb up, find them, get down, and put the stool up before indulging.