Monday, March 19, 2012

Complete Awesomeness!

Days like today make me soooo grateful to live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.  Most days, I'm quite jealous of those of you who live in Colorado, California, Florida, Arizona... You get the picture. But today... Oh today was glorious!  It was a bit cool when I walked into work, but not cold.  It rained while I was at work. Ho hum... When I stepped out the door, the SUN was shining!! It was beautiful out! 

For a change, I had packed my running clothes and put them on right after work, so I'd be ready to go.  I had some errands to run, and then I went to my favorite trail.  As you may or may not know I'd rather run on a trail than anywhere!  Love, love, love trail running. 

Today, I fell a little more in love.  I decided to take a different route than normal.  Holy Moly! It was so awesome!  More technical for sure, but so much prettier!  I ran down a trail covered in slippery leaves, being careful not to wipe out.  The entire time down, I was thinking "Crap, at some point, I'm going to have to run up."  Can I just say that getting down the hill and knowing that I had to go back up was soooo worth it!  I ran alongside a gorgeous creek, smelling all springy (totally a word).  The trail was littered with sticks and downed trees to jump over.  It was covered with leaves and quite wet (muddy even) at some points.  Briars and miscellaneous plants scratched my legs, I was hot and I still had that whole up thing to worry about.  BUT I can honestly say that I enjoyed my run more than I ever have!  I smiled the whole way and sang along to my ipod (when I could breathe :)  I didn't worry about my pace and just gave myself to the run.  I'm excited about running again! Woot Woot!!

And then there was the uphill. Whoa Nelly!  It was as tough as I had imagined and my run sorta resembled a crawl (I may have whimpered).  But so beautiful. At one point I stopped and looked down. AMAZING!  I love this state and I loved my run today!

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