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Complete Awesomeness!

Days like today make me soooo grateful to live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.  Most days, I'm quite jealous of those of you who live in Colorado, California, Florida, Arizona... You get the picture. But today... Oh today was glorious!  It was a bit cool when I walked into work, but not cold.  It rained while I was at work. Ho hum... When I stepped out the door, the SUN was shining!! It was beautiful out! 

For a change, I had packed my running clothes and put them on right after work, so I'd be ready to go.  I had some errands to run, and then I went to my favorite trail.  As you may or may not know I'd rather run on a trail than anywhere!  Love, love, love trail running. 

Today, I fell a little more in love.  I decided to take a different route than normal.  Holy Moly! It was so awesome!  More technical for sure, but so much prettier!  I ran down a trail covered in slippery leaves, being careful not to wipe out.  The entire time down, I was thinking "Crap, at some point, I'm going to have to run up."  Can I just say that getting down the hill and knowing that I had to go back up was soooo worth it!  I ran alongside a gorgeous creek, smelling all springy (totally a word).  The trail was littered with sticks and downed trees to jump over.  It was covered with leaves and quite wet (muddy even) at some points.  Briars and miscellaneous plants scratched my legs, I was hot and I still had that whole up thing to worry about.  BUT I can honestly say that I enjoyed my run more than I ever have!  I smiled the whole way and sang along to my ipod (when I could breathe :)  I didn't worry about my pace and just gave myself to the run.  I'm excited about running again! Woot Woot!!

And then there was the uphill. Whoa Nelly!  It was as tough as I had imagined and my run sorta resembled a crawl (I may have whimpered).  But so beautiful. At one point I stopped and looked down. AMAZING!  I love this state and I loved my run today!


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I have lots of dreams.  They include everything from sheep to road bikes to my dog actually listening to me...

I also LOVE to take pictures.  I mean LOVE.  Sometimes I go weeks without taking a single picture. Weird right?  Why not do something I feel that passionately about, everyday?

Here are some of my most recent pictures:

I live in Wisconsin and feel blessed that there are so many beautiful things for me to take pictures of.  When you're obsessed with barns and farm animals like I am, they're but a country road away!

I'm going to slowly try to find myself again.  For the hundredth time.  I am sorry if that is all I write about here on this blog now, but hey - blogs are journals of a sort.  They just happen to be public ;) 


Yet again...

January 2014.  I'm supposed to be uber fit, an organic farmer and self employed by now.

I. Am. None. Of. Those. Things. Not even one.  For a while, I felt like a big loser, but then I realized:

Ugh.  Yep, it's all me.  I wish. A LOT.  I DO. Very little.  I have no one or no where to place the blame, but on me. I have the tools and the knowledge, I choose to ignore both and do nothing.  It all comes down to choices.

How do I start?  Where do I start?

At the beginning. AGAIN.

-So, I've joined Weight Watchers (I wonder if there is a record for how many times a single person has started and stopped Weight Watchers?  I'd probably win).

-I'm planning my garden and new chicken coop.

-I'm baking bread today (yes, I realize this may impact WW, but homemade bread!!!)

-I'm beginning to make what I can, whether it be food or beauty products.

Too much all at once?  I have no idea.  Will I fail?  I certainly hope not.

I welcome any thoughts, advice or ideas.

And if you …

Proof that I occasionally finish what I start...

New throw pillow covers I made a couple of weeks ago! Finished and started the same day :)  (Sorry the pics aren't the greatest.) I love making these.  They are super quick and easy and are an inexpensive way to change your decor.  Yes, I realize that they don't match each other and yes, they are all on the same couch.  We have a sectional and they're spread out. Besides that, I am eclectic and my home reflects that about me! I'm going to try to take pics of my quilt top tomorrow (read: bribe Mike into doing it for me).  It's been sitting folded up in a drawer since last year. :(  I need to quilt it because: A. It's my first quilt and B. I love it and can't wait to use it!! I've been throwing a lot of love out there in the quilt world the last couple of days, because I am flat out with an injured back.  So to all of you whom I've visited or will visit, thank you.  You're keeping me sane!!  Trish