Sunday, April 10, 2011

If it's 81 degrees out, we must be in... Wisconsin?

Yeppers. 81 degrees~ Can you say severe weather? Spring time in Wisconsin is made up of rain, cold, hot, hail, snow, flowers, you name it! Today was amazing, if a bit humid. We went out for breakfast with my family for my Dad's birthday and then mini golfing! It was warm and the girlies got a little cranky. We are used to 40 and 50 degrees right now, people! I sat outside when we got home with a beer and a book. HEAVEN!! After the big old breakfast and a few chocolate chip cookies, I was feeling a little sloth like :) So, I decided to go for a run! Whoa. If you've been reading for a while, you know that the temps lately have been down right chilly! Turns out humidity and heat are not my friend anymore than cold!! Ugh. It was a tough one today. I'm giving myself a break though. Did I mention it was 81?? After my run, Mike and I rode bikes for a while. He tried to teach me to do wheelies :) I'm getting better, but it's harder than it looks! In lieu of any cool pics (read laziness), I leave you with a picture of my dog Gracie...

Yes, her head is on a pillow and she is covered with a blanket.

:) Trish


  1. I can't imagine how crazy the run was because of the heat/humidity! Glad you guys were able to get a break from the cold weather!

  2. I went from running in cold CT to crazy hot and humid in FL last week and the heat and humidity are not my friends either! It could be a long summer!!