Sunday, December 13, 2009

11 Days

Yes, that's right folks! 11 shopping days left until Christmas and yours truly is NOT anywhere near finished! I started off on fire, thinking I'd be done, no problem. I've somehow hit a snag though and lost the momentum. Instead of shopping today, I'll be doing this:

Riding the bleachers for the third day!! Friday night, my oldest daughter had a game, my other two daughters both had games yesterday and they each have a game today. I love basketball, but I do not love bleachers! My back is beginning to protest, and I need to shop... Christmas is in 12 DAYS!!!

Whew, I am done whining :) How about some positive stuff like:

Mike noticed this a couple of weeks ago (at yet another basketball tourney ;)! The building are on different sides of the street, but if you stand directly across from the wedding chapel, this is what you see! Hilarious! For those of you in the know, yes, this is in Wisconsin Dells. And yes, you are right, leave it to a man to notice! In case you are wondering, the Torture Museum is closed for the season, but weddings are still happening. Be warned however, in Wisconsin, we have rules about things like marriage and waiting periods and residency requirements. Just sayin...

As I was scrolling through pics, looking for the one above,
I found this one, and I had to check and make sure it was not a stock photo from the computer. I mean, are skies really that blue? What clued me in to it authenticity however, is the reflection of my dashboard you can see in the picture. I have a bad habit of taking pictures from inside my car!

I believe it is Devil's Lake, in Baraboo. Gorgeous!! I live for days like this here in snowy old Wisconsin! I think I'm going to print this picture and keep it on my desk for those days when I think I should pack everyone up and move to Florida or Arizona!

I am done rambling now. If you have made it this far, thanks for not getting bored :) This post is completely random and I'm totally okay with that!




  1. hi trish! i'd keep that picture handy too! the kids love the cold, me not so much :) have a great week! susan

  2. Oh that you put it in the number of days...I'm really kind of freakin' out too...we started off with a bang now we feel like we are scrambling! Anyway...that picture of the wedding chapel and torture museum is just funny!

  3. merry christmas!

    there are now only 4 shopping days left. and. i'm thinking i should go one of those days.