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Curse you...

Curse you week 7! and my asthma and humidity and pollen. My run today was a huge failure. I couldn't seem to find my breath. I walked. A LOT! I feel like a failure. BUT I am not giving up! I'll try it again later, when it is dark and hopefully cooler. I should have known it would be tough when I woke up with swollen eyes and gunk in and on them. I figured it would be okay though...

If anyone who is reading this has asthma and/or allergies, advice please?

On a positive note, it is going to be hot today, so I will be out doing this:

My second love. My bike has seen me through many tough spots. When I sit on it, I instantly feel calmer and more relaxed. I love how free I feel and let's face it, I feel pretty bad ass :)

Aside from running, what is your escape?




  1. I have asthma, but amazingly, the more i run, the less of a problem it is. Running actually helps strengthen your lungs. Carry your inhaler with you though at all times! I hope this week is better for you!

  2. so sorry about your allergies but hope you had fun on the motorcycles!

  3. I agree with Wendy! The better cardiovasuclar shape I'm in, the less my asthma acts up! But one of the biggest tricks for me is to not let me breathing get off in the first place. When I feel that tightness coming I pull back and get my breathing regulated. Once its off, its so hard to get it back on track so I do my best not to let it get off in the first place even if it mean sacrificing a bit of intensity

  4. Okay, first - is you are MOVING, you are winning. Period. Enough of this, "I walked and feel like a failure" stuff... nope. No way.

    Do you read Anne's blog, "Asthma and the Gift of Running?" She's on my blogroll. You might want to check her out.

    And the bad ass bike? Well, what can I say?? It's just COOL! :) Hope you had fun!!

    And if you ever want to practice your warm weather/insane humidity running, I'm inviting you and the girls to Orlando! Would love to meet and hang out with you! :)

    HUGS from Orlando....


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