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My daughter, Katie, is an aspiring actress, model, rockstar... the list goes on. . I truly believe she has the talent and drive to do any of these. Of course, I am her mom, so... Anyway, she tried out for our local student theatre group's fall production. The part she tried out for has 65 lines. She practiced and practiced. The part she chose for her audition included a line of french. And let me tell you - my girl nailed it! She was great! She didn't forget any lines and stood loud and proud! I was impressed. Anyone who knows Katie, knows how difficult that was for her. Because in spite of all of her ambitions; she is a shy girl! So... anyway, my darling, fragile, sweet, beautiful girl did not get the part she tried out for. Nope! No siree... instead she gets the part of the French Ambassador. Huh. Wants 65 lines... has 2. Huh... I'm confused and mad. Now don't get me wrong, I know she's my flesh and blood and I am quite partial to her, but geesh people! Two lines? Come on... She handled it like a pro. She'll be the best darn French Ambassador there ever was!!!! I'm the one who's upset. And there dear friends, is the reason that kid is gonna make it big! She'll never let the !#%^&#$&s get her down!

Whew! Carthartic... If you are still reading this, thank you! I feel better for having let off some steam!


  1. I so am not looking forward to that part of parenting. Disappointed child. It's great she took it so well.

  2. Don't mess with the mama bear! hey, you left me a comment a few days ago about my birdie necklaces, jus thought I'd let you know I did decide to put them in my shop. Have a great day, and she will definitely be the best ambassador ever!


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