Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shop update!

I'm baaack! I feel like I've been on vacation. Not so, simply too busy and too lazy to update my shop or my blog. So, tonight for the first time in forever, I'm doing both! Check out my Etsy shop for some cool new rings. I've recently signed on with a local brick and mortar shop to sell some of my goodies, so I'm very excited! Most of my items never make it to Etsy (due to the painful process involved in downloading from my camera), but hopefully I'll get a new and improved camera for Christmas (hint hint, Mike) which will make it much easier.

My first attempt at a craft fair was a success. Hence the new home for my "stuff" in an actual store. I was also asked to attend another local craft fair. WOO HOO!! I love making things and have found my inner artist.

I've begun to decorate for Christmas. I love this time of year and the spirit that goes with it. So, yes I am one of THOSE people. I've been listening and singing Christmas music for a couple of weeks and have been slowly sneaking out the Christmas decorations. Love it!!!

Hope you and yours are all happy and well. Best Wishes!!!

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