Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a party!! A Garden Party that is!!

Kimba at A Soft Place to Land is hosting a garden party! I thought, hmmm... I have a garden ;) So, here are some pics of my various gardens and one that is in need of some TLC (read professional) help!

tomatoes, lettuce and a strawberry soon to ripen (the trick is getting to them before the birds!).

Lavender is a favorite of mine, unfortunately it is only an annual here in Wisconsin, dragonflies watching over my garden and a pretty purple Iris.

My little garden gnome to welcome you to my garden. In hindsight, he should have been first instead of here in the middle. Oh well...

Some herbs, hydrangea planted this spring, cool thrift find, heart shaped rock (I'm always finding these. Ok, at least I think it looks like a heart!)

And here is the space that really needs help. Overgrown and out of control. As you can see by the wheelbarrow, I've sorta got a plan. I just feel terrible cutting down the trees... or whatever they are. So, if you have any thoughts, feel free to shout 'em out!!
There you have it. Snippets of my gardens. In the next day or so, I'll share a cool project for a mini bird bath!! Way cool and easy!
Also, if you are still reading this, you deserve a prize, come back next week for a
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  1. You have the makings of a beautiful garden. And of course that rock looks like a heart!

  2. Looks like it is going to be beautiful!

  3. I love the metal roof vent (I guess that's what you call it). Fantastic idea using it in the garden.

    Like the quote in your header!

  4. I love the heart rock. I need to start looking for these. Your garden looks like it is coming along. I know what you mean about the strawberries. But in my case, it's snails. Ick!!!

  5. Hi,
    Join in and "dish."

    Tell us ~ Which EtsyCreator steals your HEART...

    Have a lovely day,

  6. It all looks great! You've got a wonderful start. Thanks for sharing your pictures and enjoy those strawberries when they come in.


  7. What beautiful photos, my garden got mowed over lol. Life changed with our first baby, maybe we will give it a go another time in life.

    Thanks for sharing