Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gussy is a girl...

Okay all, time for another installment of getting to know your fellow bloggers and Etsians!!

I am telling you all now, you heard it here first, this girl is going places. No sillies, not me ;)

Gussy!! This young one is uber talented and more fun than you can imagine. I am a huge fan! Go here, to her blog, "Gussy has a lot to Say", and prepare to fall in love. With Gussy, her, work, her blog, and yes (sorry Gus) even her husband! Miss Maggie, oops, I mean Gussy, is completely self taught. Amazing. Her bags are unique and one of a kind. I love the ruffles!! Go here to her Etsy shop to see what I mean.

Be sure to stop by her blog, because Gussy is having a GIVEAWAY!! and it is the coolest idea ever. So run, don't walk, here to enter!

Now, I'm going to level with you. If you win, (or just need a Gussy original before she makes it big and won't talk to any of us ;) you will have a problem. What on earth will you choose?? I have been visiting this girl's shop for a while now and I still can't decide!! So go. Go now and try to pick out your favorite. It'll be a challenge!!
Good luck to you all!! And good luck to Gussy with her adventures! You've got a talent girl!!

Btw, don't forget to enter my giveaway as well! Go here to do so :)

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  1. whoa Trish! what a pleasant post :) you are so sweet!

    have a great day!!!!!!!!!!