Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another reminder of why I love Wisconsin...

This was a perfect autumn weekend filled with backyard games of football, apple festivals, an awesome corn/sunflower maze, apple crisp, hot tubbing, hammock sitting, flea market, pumpkin picking... AWESOME!!

And the best of all, Great White Egrets seen from the road while trying to find a hidden pumpkin patch.

And did I mention the fall colors...

This state is gorgeous!! I love it. Wouldn't move for anything!! (Please remind me to reread this post in January ;)

Btw, is this a teenage thing???

I went to find pics for this post and they were already uploaded along with about 15 of these. Does anyone else's teenager take umpteen self-portraits? LOL!!


  1. Oh yeah! Wisconsin is the place to be this time of year!!


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