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One Bad Mother Runner

Ha ha ha he he he lol!! Gosh I love the title. I found a shirt with this slogan on and couldn't stop laughing. This is how I think of myself these days. I mean, I am a mother after all! :) So, this running thing. Ugh. Does coughing up half of your lung after only 25 minutes of walk/running count as a breathing exercise? I am so embarrassed at how incredibly out of shape I am! I can lift weights all day, but running.... Let's just say, I started this c25k program on the first and I just finished week three last night. Yup, my three weeks are looking a little bit like four! I keep telling myself that it is okay. I mean, I'm still doing it! I've run outside once and holy moly was that hard!! But I'm still here. I've been neglecting my blog, which seems to be a habit with me, but I will try harder. There are so many awesome people out there in blogland!

And above is where I've been spending my weekends. I love basketball, don't get me wrong, but I am soooo over it! My oldest daughter plays during the week and the two littles each weekend. Numbers 11 and 12 are mine. Don't ya love those yellow shorts! She insisted on wearing them. "They are basketball shorts, mom!" Yep, for Shaq ;) They love (okay, hate) guarding each other!!

Don't you just hate it when you are searching for clip art and find someone has used your silhouette without your permission? ;)

Sorry this is so random. It's my brain. Can't be helped!!

I'm working on a giveaway for one world one heart. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the wonderfulness here: awhimsicalbohemian




  1. Trish,
    thanks for coming by my giveaway on OHOW, always nice to 'meet' fellow mamma's of 3 girls.
    All the best with the art and running. I admire your commitment to be a runner.


  2. Hi Trish! Thank you for your sweet visit. Lisa :)

  3. Is tht your silo or mine? LOL!


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