Sunday, March 14, 2010

Proof and confession time

Proof that spring really is here. (Although I may have just cursed us all by saying it ;) I snapped this pic of ROBINS last week. To me the first robins shout spring loud and clear! I've also spied little green shoots coming up in a couple of flower beds. Yes! To this Wisconsin girl, nothing is nearer and dearer to my heart than the end of the never ending winter.

So... I still have not restarted running. I did, however, read Runners World. That's gotta count for something :) And to make matters worse, I've gained 10 pounds. OMG it is freaking me out. I needed to lose weight before, but 10 extra pounds puts me in the "I need a mumu category". My jeans are all tight and I look like I'm pregnant in anything else! You'd think that would be enough to catapult me right onto the road or treadmill, but nope. No siree. I did lift weights a couple of times this week, and then I hurt the ball of my foot at work and have to rest my foot a little. So there goes that momentum. I'd like to tell you a big 'ol dramatic story about what I did to my foot, but there isn't one. I was walking and tripped and my foot turned weird in my danskos. That's right... walking. I attribute the weight gain to a combination of increased desk time and STRESS! Why is it that my sister and best friend both lose weight when they are stressed and I pack it on like I'm preparing for hibernation? Drives me nuts, good thing I love those girls!

Whew. That is a lot of words. But it had to be said. So,now, I beg you. Help!! Motivate me. Good recipes? Ways to get out of bed at 4 instead of 445?? (to workout, so no excuses later).

That's all I have today people. I hope you have a lovely one. Bring on the robins!!



p.s. please don't suggest I give up the cobbler I posted about earlier, cause I can't. or won't. j.k. :)


  1. Take a pic of yourself. No better motivation for me to get started.

    Also, drink MORE water.... especially when you are stressed.

  2. I just got back from vacation where I think I gained some weight, I never watch what I eat when on vacation. I just had some guacamole, yum. That makes sense to drink water. I drink way too much coffee.