Friday, April 16, 2010

3 Changes

I've entered the 3 Changes Challenge at Run To The Finish! There is a prize incentive. Click here to enter. Although the prizes rock, that is not why I entered. I need to make these changes. It's time.

My changes are: 1. Run at least 3 times per week 2. Practice yoga at least 3 times per week 3. Drink no more than 2 (YEP 2!) diet sodas per day!

The last one will be the toughest. I am addicted to Diet Dew. It is my crutch!! Well, that and chocolate. But giving up chocolate? Let's be real here :)

Wish me luck!


And I do believe this is my 99th post. Hmmmm... I think I feel a giveaway coming on :) soon...


  1. Good luck with your changes!

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway! Good luck working your way to a marathon!

  2. Wow! Time for #100? Fantastic and congrats. :) I'm a Coke Zero girl, myself... *sigh* Not easy to give up, but I've started balancing by having two full cups (large, plastic) to every one of Coke Zero. Seems to work. :)

    btw: your 3 little ones are adorable!