Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and other miscellaneous thoughts.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! We had a very full day. Baskets and an egg hunt at home in the morning with homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Yum! Then off to my sister's for lunch and another egg hunt! Then for dinner, we went to Mike's parents and yep, another egg hunt! Above you see Sami and Mike looking for eggs. Mike's family goes all out with something like 120 eggs with numbers inside them. Each number corresponds with a prize. Uber cool and very fun!

Today was the last day of spring break and the last day of my vacation :( We took and drive and happened upon a mating ritual between two Sandhill Cranes:

What an honor and a blessing to be a witness to this. Cranes are such beautiful, majestic birds and I am so happy to see them in the wild!I've started questioning my career path again. (ugh).

My heart and soul are screaming for me to make a different choice. However, my brain and checkbook say differently. A constant struggle.

I've started running again. Still no fun :) It's either run or quit the cobbler and that ain't happenin!

We've started some seeds for our garden. I'm going big this year. I figure I know plenty of people to give the excess to. I also plan to preserve as much as I can. I'm also planning a cutting garden this year. I love flowers!!

I have barn envy. I love this color. Mike says it's a girl thing.

I think it's a cool barn thing ;)

I also have duck (or goose) envy:

So cute.

Have you ever?

Thanks for hangin in if you're still reading. I tend to ramble.




  1. What a fun weekend! I am a dormant gardener who's hoping to do much more of it this year.
    Good luck with yours!

  2. i think it's a cool barn as well! awesome pics! thanks for visiting my page :)

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  4. I confess: I have 'barn reverance' - they are so old, beautiful, and have amazing stories bound w/in their deteriorating walls.... lovely.