Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Aw nuts. False alarm in my earlier post. THIS is my 99th post :)

I'm doing okay with my 3 changes so far. The running is no problem and diet dew is still AWESOME, but I can live with two a day. The problem seems to be the yoga. Weird, right?

Prom was this weekend...

Sami and me ~

My daughter has such a great group of friends. I trust them all (to a point) and they always have a good, safe time! So proud...

Okay then, that's enough for this "filler" post. :) I will return on Sunday (my birthday :) for a GIVEAWAY!! and my 100th post!

Btw, I think I'm going to register for my first 5K! Woo Hoo!!




  1. Whoo-hoo for the 5k!!!

    Ahh...prom...such memories :)

  2. Trish, congrats! You won my first giveaway...a $20 Mybella gift certificate. Please email me at: with your contact information/address so I can pass it on to Liz of MyBella.

    Congrats again, and thanks for following!