Sunday, May 9, 2010

Randomness and WINNERS!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

What a busy week. I've had soooo much going on this week. I've been lurking and commenting a little on some blogs, but haven't posted. I have taken pics of some things to post about, but never quite got around to it :)
I have discovered trail running. Wow! It's tough. Wow! I LOVE it!! My shoes were wet and dirty and I had mud splashed all over my legs, but it was so exhilarating! I've only been able to hit the trails twice, so maybe I'll change my mind, but I think I'm hooked!! I've continued road running as well. I'm pretty much over the treadmill until Wisconsin Winter drives me back in.

I'm also over week 4 of the Couch to 5K program! Woo Hoo! In fact, tomorrow will be the dreaded day 3 of week 5. I'm scared peeps. Don't laugh. I'm a little afraid that I won't be able to run for 20 minutes without having an asthma attack or puking. Now I know for some of you 20 minutes is a warm up. But hey, I'll get there :) The picture above is after I finished week 4. I was pumped! Terrible pic, but where else would I put bad pictures of myself but the world wide web??

Here is an ant's eye view of my yard :) courtesy of my daughter Kate!

All right, already, enough randomness...

The winners of my Giveaway!! KerrieT won Package #1 and Teamarcia won #2! I've emailed you both! Congrats! Thank you all for your awesome advice. I've been incorporating lots of it and I am completely committed to finishing the Couch to 5K. (just have to choose a 5K) and continuing on with my running after that! In part, to all of you and your inspiration. The running/blogging community rocks!

I hope you've all had a great day and have a great week!!




  1. Good luck with W5D3! It's not as bad as you think it's going to be. If you have to walk, you have to walk, not the end of the world. Just go out slow and keep those positive thoughts in your head. Good luck!!

  2. WooHoo! thanks so much! I think it was destiny I won those notecards, I've been admiring them forever!

    Love the ant's eye pic!

  3. Trail running is definitely a lot of fun to mix things up and keep it all fresh..plush I just love being out in nature...but man it's hard, I trip a lot!

  4. Congrats on week 4!! That's so awesome!!

  5. Trail running is something that I would like to try this year. I have been thinking about searching for a shorter trail race and just see what happens:)

    I used to work in the radiology department at a well known hospital in Minneapolis. Is your job stressful? I feel so much more relaxed working in a clinic. Three years at the hospital took so much out of me:)

  6. Thanks for joining and trying for the giveaway! COngrats on your couch to 5k week! Keep it up!

  7. Yay! I love winning! Thank you!

    Congrats on finishing Week 4. Building endurance takes time and it's good to take it slow so you don't get hurt, right? :) You'll do great! Get ready to surprise yourself. :)