Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ta Da!

So, what did ya all think of my disappearing act?? :) Sorry I've been MIA. Life has been insanely busy. I've been up and down and everywhere in between over the last few weeks. The good news is I've still been working out. Not running as much, cause I'm continuing to have problems with my foot as well as my hip, but lifting and some cardio. However, barring any bad news from my doc tomorrow, I should be back to my normal routine Saturday! Woot Woot!!

I continue to be inspired by all of you as well as a little closer to home. Last weekend, I had the honor of watching a couple of my friends do this:

And this:

And finally this:

And it was soooo awesome!
Congrats guys! You Rock!!

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  1. Hopefully next year you'll be doing a tri as well!