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My New Love and Randomness

Cheesy Cream of Broccoli Soup anyone? I love soup. I eat it pretty much everyday in the winter. But it's kind of a pain to make decent, easy homemade soup. Enter my new love:

Yes, I finally sucked it up and bought a Vitamix. It. Makes. Soup. No stove required. How awesome is that? It also makes sorbet. No freezer necessary! Smoothies, bread crumbs, cheeseburgers even. Love it!
I've joined a Christmas Card swap here. I'm very excited! I love Christmas and Christmas Cards!! You still have time to join! :)
I am about half way finished with my Christmas shopping. Yeah, I'm one of those people. I love giving gifts and I stress about it, so I've found the sooner I can get it done, the sooner I can enjoy the holidays!
Sat at a basketball tourney all day today. Worth every minute! My daughter's team took first place and they each received a t-shirt that said "champs" on it! Super cool to see how excited she was! I'm so proud. They played very well and won with great sportsmanship!
I'm working on some crafty Christmas projects. I'll share soon.
Dusted off the treadmill. I'm calling it. Indoor running season has begun!
Short work week for me this week! Bring on Black Friday!! (yes, I'm one of those people too!)
:) Trish
*If someone could tell me how to get blogger to leave the stinking spaces between paragraphs, I'd be indebted for life!


  1. Mmmmmm.....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE soup! (and sorbet LOL)...

    Not sure what's up with your Blogger issue?? Should be able to hit enter twice to get your paragraphs. Mine gets a little finicky sometimes. I write it in a word doc and then copy/paste/format as needed.

    Stay warm! Doing more running on the Tread here, too ~ so dark in the a.m.


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