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World Run Day and solicitation...

Not the most flattering picture ever, but I did complete my World Run Day run!

The Good:
~ I was out there running
~ I was not too hot
~ I still have both lungs
~ I did not get frostbite
~ I had great energy today

The Bad:
~ OMG who lives in Wisconsin and does not own winter running clothes?
~ The answer to above is ME!
~ It was sooo cold out
~ Apparently, I am not quite recovered from my chest cold as evidenced by all of the coughing I did
~ Lost track of # of laps, so I have no clue exactly how far I ran!

The Ugly:
~ I have been coughing all day again.
~ My stinkin heel is killing me!! UGH!

Now on to the solicitation portion of my post :)

As you most likely are aware, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I love Thanksgiving. Great Holiday. Family, Football and Food. Yes!!

So, what's the problem then? Well, Mike's family has this cute little tradition of giving each adult female a little gift. It can be holiday related or not. And not too expensive. More of a "I'm thinking of you" kind of thing.

I have no clue what to give everyone!!! I've given appliqued dish towels, poinsettias, philosophy shower gels, ornaments, you get the idea. I HAVE NO IDEAS this year!!!

HELP ME! Please!

Send me your ideas. It can be homemade or store bought. Under $10, and appropriate for a variety of ages.
What's in it for you? If someone comes up with an idea I use, I'll send that person a little "thank you"! Not sure what it will be... a surprise :)


  1. How about a decent pair of scissors and a roll of scotch tape with a little note about getting ready to wrap Christmas presents? Or a mug with some good hot chocolate mix or tea bags is also nice. Or a little "cold defense" kit...hand sanitizer, hot tea, honey. Sounds like a fun tradition!

  2. I missed world run day. Lol. Whoops. I will just piggyback on yours!

    Hmm gift ideas. Some fun, soft slipper-type socks with a DVD and hot chocolate/popcorn?

  3. Great job onWorld Day Run! You did it that's what matters most.
    How about soap or lotion from Bath and Body works?

  4. how about a small photo album, I can never get enough of those!

  5. Great pic and even greater effort!! Good job! Sorry to hear you were (1) freezing and (2) in pain by the end.

    I ran, too. Hubs informed me that "6 miles did not count as a long run anymore" so we did 8. Seriously? Was aching by the last 2! Um, 6 would've been plenty!

    Okay - gift ideas... let's see (i love buying little things for friends!) How about....

    - a keychain with a quote
    - a pretty keepsake ornament for the tree
    - a gift card to the bookstore
    - a keepsake book (quotes, affirmations)
    - a mini flashlight in a 'girlie' color like hot pink (great for the car)
    - a scarf (just bought an awesome one on sale at Old Navy for $6.50)
    - cozy slippers or socks in a warm, snuggly fabric
    - a picture frame or album
    - really cute reusable shopping bag

    Hope that helps! (and if you pick any of them, you don't have to send a T/Y!... just knowing I could help is enough!)

    As for you and your cold weather running, get some winter compression tights for goodness sake! I'm ordering them on and I live in Orlando!!



  6. what about a big glass measuring bowl with a box of brownies to make...

    a cute ornament


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