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Self portraits, misc, and .... a GIVEAWAY!

I love this picture. It is of me. And I love it! I typically hate pictures of myself. My Bondi Band displays perfectly my love hate relationship with running; my shoulders look good; my eyes aren't showing which is super, cause they get all wonky in pictures sometimes! Love it :)

Below are further attempts at pre and post run picture taking... note the lovely shade of red of my face post run...

See what I mean about the wonky eyes. Weird. And yes, thank you for noticing, I do need to wear two sports bras when I run.

I'd like to introduce my new love...
a Garmin Forerunner 405cx. Love it!

Of course I haven't used it yet. So, I love the idea of it :) Mike knew just what my heart desired for Christmas (I may have dropped a hint or two).

My present to myself:

I have an older generation 30 GB, which rocks, but it is cumbersome to run with. I've been wanting a shuffle for a while cause they are cute the perfect size to run with ;)

Which brings me to the GIVEAWAY! I am in need of new songs to add to my play list! For helping me out, you'll win an itunes gift card ($15.00) to help add some new music to yours!

The giveaway will close on New Year's Day, January 1, 2011 at 10 am Central Standard Time.
Ways to enter:
1. Suggest a song to help me get my (running) groove on! - 1 entry
2. Current follower? That gets you 2 entries, leave a comment! - 2 entries
3. New follower? One entry for you, leave a comment! - 1 entry
4. Blog, FB, tweet, brag, etc., about this giveaway, leave a comment! - 1 entry
Thanks and Good Luck!!


  1. i love the black eyed peas... new song dirty bit

  2. I am a current follower - yay!! And I love that picture of you, too! :)

  3. I'm kinda odd, but I like anything fast because I think it helps me get moving a bit don't laugh, but I love Lady GaGa!!! Any of her songs! :)

  4. Hey Trish! Love the pic and your headband. How funny.. it totally goes with a post I just published today. :) Got an extra one?? LOL

    Great gifts from Santa/self... hee hee. I love being a grown-up and getting the presents I want, don't you.

    I bought Hubs the 4th gen ipod touch. Haven't seen the guy in days - he's been loading it with music and games!

    btw: regarding the sports bra(s), did you happen to read my post last year or earlier this year(?) about sports bras. I was a double/triple wearer until I found the right fit. Actually, two different brands. Check out the post. It's on the left margin under Memorable Posts. Also, I still need to write a review of the ones I wear now (only ONE at a time, thank you very much!).

    *hugs* from Orlando!

    Oh, a song: I personlly LOVE Black Eyed Peas's I Gotta Feelin' and Boom Boom Pow. i know. that's two. enjoy!

    I already follow you. :) I'll get the word out via TW or FB and let you know I did.

  5. Hey, I am loving the P!nk song.. raise your glass and Time ( dirty bit) Black eye peas. My first two running songs.

  6. I am gonna say F U by Ceelo or Speakers going Hammer Soulja Boy r two songs (edited versions) that i am feeling right now. :)

  7. Days Go By Keith Urban
    anything by Pink

  8. Hi Trish! I just added a song I heard in the movie Easy A to my running list (remember that song the tide is high? they sample it which I love!). It's called Numba 1 (Tide if High) by Kardinal Offishall. It has a nice beat for a steady, not too fast pace!

  9. I blogged your giveaway here:

  10. My 2 favorite songs:

    Hyper Enough by Superchunk
    Timebomb by Old 97s

  11. Ok, I have to admit that I usually run to Podrunner or Motion Traxx, but I love dance numbers to run to - believe it or not, some of Madonna's stuff is fab! I also like Kanye West's "Stronger" even though Kanye himself is pretty much a moron.

  12. Current follower and I love your bondi-band! :)

  13. Adding you to my giveaway sidebar!

  14. OH I HAVE SO MANY FUN RUNNING SONGS!! I created a playlist just for my first half marathon at the beginning of the month!

    I love Buckcherry Crazy Bitch, Don't stop believin' Journey, 1234 Schwayze!

    Hope this helps :) You can check out my race recap from that race to get more songs!

  15. that love/hate running bondi band is too perfect.

    i don't need to be entered in the giveaway, but these are some of my fav "pump up" songs. i have a liking for hiphop-y/pop songs, i don't know if you do or not? also they are not really new.

    flo-rida - club can't handle me
    miley cyrus - can't be tamed
    kevin rudolf - let it rock
    jay-z - put on

  16. Trish-
    I want to confess that I am the most awful Blog Buddy EVER! In all of the hustle and bustle the week before Christmas with an unexpected funeral, etc, I did not get your gift in the mail.
    Please do not get burnt on exchanges because of me! I am soooo sorry!
    It is in the mail, on the way, and I apologize. However, after looking at your most recent post, I think you are going to like it.

    Again, I am so sorry.

  17. I'm a current follower; I like running to eminem lose yourself. I know its old but keeps me moving. I will also post your contest on my sidelines of my blog. Thanks

  18. I like that Firecracker song by Katy Perry!

  19. And I linked to this in my giveaway section!

  20. I LOVE Don't Stop me Now by Queen! Great running song!

  21. I follow you via GFC (new folower).

  22. Linking you on my blog sidebar. Pick me, pick me!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Here are a couple of my favorites and the reason!

    American Pie- Don McLean - Great sing along and it is 8:30 minutes long!

    Jerk it Out - Caesars - great music to dance to - it adds a little extra kick in my step!

    People Are Crazy - Billy Currington - who can argue with lyrics like this - God is Great, Beer is Good and People are Crazy . . . doesn't get better than that!

    One Love - Bob Marley - this song helps me especially in the winter . . . just listening to it warms me up!

    and just to keep everything crazy
    Jump Around - House of Pain . . . no explanation necessary

  25. I have added a link on my blog to your giveaway

  26. Current follower and will post on my blog ( There are 2 ridiculous songs that keep me moving: Crazy Frog by Axel F and Peanut Butter Jelly Time by Buckwheat Boyz. They are silly and get me into a good mood. I usually search for them when I'm hitting a lull and they get me moving.

    How's the Bondi Band? Does it slide? Is it comfy?

  27. ARRRGGHHH!!! I couldn't get to my computer this morning. I had the giveaway linked on my sidebar for several days though :( Good Luck everyone!!!

    Enrique Iglesias - I Like It & I'm Loving You ~ Both good songs.

  28. Hi, I found your site via Robin's. Your Bondi band should be tattooed on my forehead..!! That is so the way I feel all the time! I am your newest follower. I too am an RN and work in a busy outpatient surgery to run and am a Nana to several!

  29. Where've you been girl? Those are really lovely pics of you. Hope all is well.

  30. Thanks for entering my giveaway!!;) I really want to start running..I need to!!lol. Im your newest follower~ Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425


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