Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am a runner! and random bits :)

"The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be...because of all I may become I will close my eyes and leap!"- Mary Anne Radmacher

I finally think I have crossed from hoping I can be a runner, to knowing that I already am. Running does not come easy to me. Each run is a struggle. (okay, there is the rare one that is "easy"). What I finally figured out is that even though it isn't easy, I actually enjoy the process. I like to run. I don't like it to hurt, but i love how I feel when it doesn't!

I ran Wednesday and Saturday outside. No biggie? For me, it is huge!! Wednesday it was in the 20's and icy. Saturday it was 18 when we started out! That is cold for this girl!! I typically don't do well running in the cold. My asthma acts up a little when it is that cold. The runs were tough, but I did it! Hardcore :)

I need to start swimming, but I don't quite know where to do so. There is a high school pool that has lap times for the public, but I'm leery. I am not a great swimmer. I don't want to have to share a lane with someone and run into them or hold them up. The hours aren't great, so I'd have to swim at different times depending on the day. My other option is to join a health club. The problem is that I would only use it to swim and they're pricey. Any advice from those of you that swim to cross train or for triathlon?

Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. Is there a Y near you? Sometimes you cna sign up just for swimming. Also look for a Masters swim group near you.

  2. Thanks Kovas!! Masters swimming scares me a little :)