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True Love

I am completely addicted to Diet Dew. It is the first thing I drink in the morning.  I have tried to stop drinking soda (pop) entirely.  Not gonna happen.  I even tried to just cut back on the amount of my precious Diet Dew that I drink.  Again, not gonna happen!  I love it!! The first sip on my tongue is nirvana!  Yes, I realize it seems silly to worship a diet, caffeinated drink, but I do :)  I do also drink quite a bit of water and at least one glass of milk a day.  I don't think that's too bad.  Right??

I've read many articles about the pros and cons of diet soda.  I'm wondering what you all think?  Soda? Diet? Water only?


  1. Such a contentious subject! :) I love regular and cherry Coke (no diet for me) and just can't seem to stop drinking it. I try not to have more than one a day (if that), but short of never having it in the house I can't give it up. Kona Cola Nuun (electrolyte drink) is a pretty good replacement. I think that I'll need to really start considering it a treat. You're not alone!

  2. I have the same issue with Diet Coke....keep trying to quit, keeping loving the feel.....

    Great to meet you and thanks for the card!


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