Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tutorial, Skirt love and don't forget ~Giveaway~

Be forwarned this is wordy! Sorry.

All righty, here is the long promised tutorial. Although, I am sure by now you all have figured out how to do it. What took so long, you say? The pics. I haven't had time to take and download the pictures. The project itself is easy. Here goes.

You will need two terra cotta pots, of equal size, two terra cotta saucers, one at least two inches bigger than the pots. The second saucer can be the same size or larger, depending on the look you are going for. I recommend at least a couple inches bigger than the other saucer. I used four inch "rose" pots, a six inch saucer and an eight inch saucer. You will also need some adhesive. If you will be placing this outside, make sure your adhesive can handle it. I used E6000. You will also need spray paint or terra cotta paint and than whatever goodies you want to use to embellish your bird bath.

First, turn the smallest saucer over, so that the "bowl" part is underneath. Place adhesive around the rim of one of the pots. I'm pretty generous with the adhesive.
Place the pot upside down (adhesive side down) on the upside down saucer. It should look like this:
Oops, a little ahead of myself in the above pic. Notice all of the adhesive on top of the pot. (actually the bottom :) That is the next step. Place adhesive on the "top" of the pot. Place the second pot right side up on top of this, matching them up. It should look like this:
Next, you'll want to put adhesive on the rim of the second pot. After you have done this, place the second, larger saucer "bowl" side up onto the rim of the second pot. Like this:
At this point you should have something that resembles a bird bath. Let the adhesive set for about 24 hours. After the adhesive is dry, you can paint your bird bath. I generally use spray paint because it is easier. I also paint after I assemble because I tend to get sloppy with my adhesive and the paint covers it. :) I've used the textured spray paint and that looks cool too.

Once the paint is dry, you can embellish your bird bath. Here are a couple of examples of what I have done:

The bird bath on the right features a mosaiced piece in the top saucer. Very cool. The other bird bath was done with scrap book supplies I had lying around. Also pretty cool. Use your imagination and you will be surprised what you come up with. This is fun easy and fairly inexpensive. I have given these as gifts and they are always well received!!

Instead of taking my pictures and posting this tutorial sooner, this is what I did this evening:

I made Mackenzie a skirt! Super easy and super cute! I hope she likes it :)

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Hope a Happy Father's Day was had by all. Happy Father's Day to my Dad and Mike (oh and Mike's Dad too :)


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  1. This is a great idea I will have to keep in mind. I have a lot of unused terracotta pots, thanks for posting the tutorial :)