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From My Couch, Happy Independence Day and a Birthday Wish

I am writing this post from my couch.  Not a bad thing, nor an usual thing, to be honest!  However, I have been on this couch for about a month!! :(  I "injured" my back four weeks ago and my Physical Therapist has given me quite a few restrictions.  One of which is bending over. Seriously.  Do you have any idea how many times you bend forward in a day?? Even unloading/loading the dishwasher is a "no-no".  I have to think about every move I make from putting on my shoes to standing up from a seated position.  When I sit, no slouching and I have to use a lumbar roll. No running, no lifting, no swimming, no twisting, no bending, no... you get the picture.  The verdict is that I have a "slipped disc" along with already existing hypertrophy (arthritic changes basically) in my lumbar/sacral vertebrae.  Grrr! 

It's slowly getting better, but not quick enough (of course)!  I am dying to work out!! (I had to put that in there so I can reread this on those days I'm not feeling it ;)  I can walk though and I thank God for that!!   Needless to say, I spend quite a bit of time on the couch.  I tried vacuuming one day this week and payed for it in spades the rest of the day and the following day!!  I never thought I would miss being able to vacuum.  I've sewn a bit, but I can't stand in one place for very long, so cutting is an issue.  I'm sooooo bored!! I'm sick of facebook, reading, and t.v.  I've watched more t.v. in the last few weeks than I usually watch all summer!

Sorry this is probably really boring and rambling and full of self pity, but I had to put it in writing.  I want to look back on this post one day and be thankful and grateful for what my body is able to do for me.  I know I will be back in action one day (The arthritis will forever be an issue. I will have good and bad days, but I will be able to tolerate most activities).  I have goals I want to achieve and they seem so much clearer to me now that I can't do anything.  Before I made the choice to work out or not.  Now, when I have no choice, it's all I think about!!

I love this quote from Swim Bike Mom's Coach Monster.  It keeps me from giving up hope and will one day push me to get off the couch...

And much more important than my issues and struggles,
Happy Independence Day!!!
Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve to make our country strong and give us our freedom!!
And a very Happy Birthday to my Baby Brother!!



  1. Hope you feel better soon! Sorry you are so restricted...hope you continue to heal (and soon)! Happy 4th!

  2. I am so sorry!! I dealt with major back problems for several years, so I can literally feel your pain. Back pain is so restrictive and painful. Hope you are feeling much better soon!


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